Well, the first seven days are over. How did you do? Now, what about the future? Let me reemphasize some points and give you some more tips.

Bible Reading. Read the Bible every day and all the way through once a year. It will take only 10-15 minutes a day. Read the Gospel of John through two more times at least; then start at Matthew and read through Acts. Now read the story portions of the Old Testament, beginning with Genesis; then read the New Testament all the way through. Finally, begin at Genesis and read through the whole Bible.

Prayer. Prayer is the lifeline of your spiritual life. In your private times, make this a conversation with God. Think of Him as a Great Friend you can confide in. Talk to Him about your victories as well as your needs.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Seek to be filled.

If You Fail. You don’t have to fail, understand, but if you do, ask God for forgiveness, just as you did the first time. He will never give up on you. But determine by His help not to fail in the same way again.

Find a Church Home. Become a member of a good church and help in every way possible.

Be Baptized in Water. The Lord has commanded water baptism. It is one of the ways you can give a public testimony to your conversion.

Become a Giver. Give to God out of what you have. Time, money and energy to your new church home and to wherever work He may direct you to.

What Now? It depends on you. If you follow these suggestions, you will have the most wonderful, satisfying life possible.