1 Kings 8-10


1 Kings chapter 8, The feast of the dedication of the temple. Solomon’s blessing. Solomon’s prayer. His sacrifice of peace offerings.

1 Kings chapter 9, God’s covenant in a vision with Solomon. The mutual presents of Solomon and Hiram. In Solomon’s works the Gentiles were his bondmen, the Israelites honourable servants. Pharaoh’s daughter removes to her house. Solomon’s yearly solemn sacrifices. His navy fetches gold from Ophir.

1 Kings chapter 10, The queen of Sheba admires the wisdom of Solomon. Solomon’s gold. His targets. The throne of ivory. His vessels. His presents. His chariots and horse. His tribute.

Insights and Prayers

  • Lord, I will pray in Your church building, because I pray everywhere.
  • Let my outward body posture reflect my inner reverence to You.
  • Thank You for every time I’ve been able to enter Your presence in Your house. Amen.
  • Lord, You had a challenge for Solomon; You wanted him to be both wise and godly. I ask for wisdom from You (see James 1:5), but I also ask You to make me godly. Amen.
  • Lord, may I use my business ability as a Christian testimony to outsiders, even as Solomon’s business impressed the Queen of Sheba.
  • I will be a good witness so others will see You are the greatest God…that You are the only God. Amen.


  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible