Judges 4-7


Judges chapter 4, Deborah and Barak deliver them from Jabin and Sisera. Jael kills Sisera.

Judges chapter 5, The Song of Deborah and Barak.

Judges chapter 6, The Israelites for their sin are oppressed by Midian. A prophet rebukes them. An angel sends Gideon for their deliverance. Gideon’s present is consumed with fire. Gideon destroys Baal’s altar, and offers a sacrifice upon the altar Jehovah-shalom. Joash defends his son, and calls shim Jerubbaal. Gideon’s army. Gideon’s signs.

Judges chapter 7, Gideon’s army of two and thirty thousand is brought to three hundred. He is encouraged by the dream and interpretation of the burley cake. His stratagem of trumpets and lamps in pitchers. The Ephraimites take Oreb and Zeeb.

Insights and Prayers

  • Lord, You give us victory in many different ways and by different people.
  • Teach me to trust the methods You use.
  • You gave Israel a victory through Barak, Deborah the judge, and Jael a distant relative. Oh Lord give me victory.
  • You work Your mighty mysterious ways through little things like a tent peg; teach me to trust the details of Your work. Amen.
  • Lord, You used weak and unlikely people in the past. Do it again; use me. Amen.
  • Lord, forgive me when I doubt as Gideon did.
  • It’s so easy to doubt when I get my eyes off You.
  • Lord, I’ll keep my spiritual eyes on You; I’ll follow when You lead, I’ll go where You want me to go. Amen.
  • Lord, I trust You to give me victory over the enemy even when I don’t know how it’ll come.
  • I’ll trust You to use “broken vessels,” lamps, and trumpets.
  • Use everything I have.
  • Use me in Your service. Amen.


  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible