2 Corinthians 5-7


2 Corinthians chapter 5, That in his assured hope of immortal glory, and in expectation of it, and of the general judgment, he labours to keep a good conscience; not that he may herein boast of himself, but as one that, having received life from Christ, endeavours to live as a new creature to Christ only, and by his ministry of reconciliation, to reconcile others also in Christ to God.

2 Corinthians chapter 6, That he has approved himself a faithful minister of Christ by his exhortations, and by integrity of life, and by patient enduring all kinds of affliction and disgrace for the gospel. Of which he speaks the more boldly amongst them because his heart is open to them, and he expects the like affection from them again; exhorting them to flee the society and pollutions of idolaters, as being themselves temples of the living God.

2 Corinthians chapter 7, He proceeds in exhorting them to purity of life; and to bear him like affection as he does to them. Whereof lest he might seem to doubt, he declares what comfort he took in his afflictions by the report which Titus gave of their godly sorrow, which his former epistle had wrought in them; and of their loving-kindness and obedience toward Titus, answerable to his former boastings of them.

Insights and Prayers

  • Lord, I am limited and I get tired; help me go on. I yearn to be with You in glory, but I know I have work to do on earth. Use me as long as I have strength; then take me home. Amen.
  • Lord, You promised new things when I got saved.
  • Thank You for a new nature and a new hope in heaven.
  • Thank You for a new indwelling by Christ, and thank You for a new access to You in prayer.
  • May I never take for granted the new things You have given me. Amen.
  • Lord, there are many challenges in life and ministry; help me face the good times and bad things with Your optimism and power. Help me remain pure in heart, fervent in Spirit, and aggressive in serving. Amen.
  • Lord, sometimes I’ve been wrongly accused of things I didn’t do; You know my heart. Help me remain strong in the face of criticism to always do the right thing. Help me deal with criticism and learn from it how to live more godly. If there is anything in me that is worthy of criticism, give me strength to confess it and seek Your help to live worthy for Your love. Amen.


  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible