Psalms 16-20


Psalms chapter 16, David, in distrust of merits, and hatred of idolatry, flees to God for preservation. He shews the hope of his calling, of the resurrection, and life everlasting.
Psalms chapter 17, David, in confidence of his integrity, craves defence of God against his enemies. He shews their pride, craft, and eagerness. He prays against them in confidence of his hope.

Psalms chapter 18, David praises God for his manifold and marvellous blessings.
Psalms chapter 19, The creatures shew God’s glory. The excellency of the divine law. David prays for grace.
Psalms chapter 20, The church blesses the king in his exploits; and expresses her confidence in God’s succour.

Insights and Prayers

  • The true child of God enjoys retreating into God’s presence. There they find spiritual strength and healing. There they rejoice and find peace.
  • Lord, I love to come into Your presence to enjoy fellowship with You and worship You. Thank You for renewing me and preparing me to live in an evil world. Amen.
  • Sometimes we don’t come to God to forgive our sins, nor do we ask God to deal with any issue in our lives. We come to God honestly, because we are attempting to live for Him. We cry, “I have done what You told me to do” (17:5), and, “I did not plan any evil” (17:3).
  • Lord, I come honestly and sincerely. You know my heart. Please hear me because what I ask is true. Amen.
    We should not forget to thank God for deliverance after we have prayed for it. The natural heart is not always thankful, but the redeemed heart should especially give thanks for salvation, and for every time God delivers us from a desperate condition.
  • Lord, I am grateful to You for saving me, I am thankful for every victory You give me over sin and persecution. Amen.
  • The beauty and vast majesty of the universe is a reflection of the beauty and majesty of God, its Creator. We should never worship the universe as naturalists seem to do, but any expanding feeling of awe for the universe should be directed to God its Creator.
  • Lord, I see Your vastness in this seemingly unending universe (but it is limited, for only God is infinite, that is, without end). I see Your unfathomable wisdom in the minute interaction of Your world. The beauty of all You created turns my praise to You. Amen.
  • We should praise God when He protects us against oppression and gives us victory. We should thank Him for allowing us to overcome our opposition.
  • Lord, some trust in chariots and others trust in houses, but I trust in Your Name, O Lord. I will praise You when I stand vindicated before You. Amen.


  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible