Psalms 6-10


Psalms chapter 6, David’s complaint in his sickness. He triumphs over his enemies.
Psalms chapter 7, David prays against the malice of his enemies, professing his innocency. By faith he sees his defence, and the destruction of his enemies.
Psalms chapter 8, God’s glory is magnified by his works, and by his love to man.
Psalms chapter 9, David praises God for executing judgment. He incites others to praise him. He prays that he may have cause to praise him.
Psalms chapter 10, David complains of the wicked. He prays for remedy. He professes his confidence.

Insights and Prayers

  • The psalmist is crying for mercy because he is in trouble. His pain is almost too much to endure and he is being persecuted by his enemies. A mercy plea is asking God for help based on our predicament and to look on us because of His mercy.
  • Lord, I am in desperate straits. Come help me now. Amen.
  • David is praying for God-who does right-to deal fairly with his enemies. Their evil works should be punished, and David calls on God to punish them according to His justice.
  • Lord, I have tried to do right and my enemies treat me wrongly. I know I am not perfect, so forgive me when I don’t measure up to Your standards. But my enemies intentionally do evil and they know they are wrong. Exercise justice. Amen.
  • This is a psalm that worships God for all that He created, including the creation of mankind.
  • Lord, I praise You for the majestic universe that You created. Thank You for making me as I am. Amen.
  • We should thank God that He judges fairly according to truth. God does not show partiality.
  • Lord, thank You for being fair with all people. You have judged according to what is fair. Amen.
  • The psalmist sees the strong greedy people oppressing the weak and he cries for God’s justice. This is a prayer against evil in the world. It is also a prayer for help for the oppressed.
  • Lord, when no one else will help the needy, I will pray for them and in my limited way, I will help them. I will do what I can do. Help me help them. Amen.


  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible