Ezra 8-9


Ezra chapter 8, The companions of Ezra, who returned from Babylon. He sends to Iddo for ministers for the temple. He keeps a fast. He commits the treasures to the custody of the priests. From Ahava they come to Jerusalem. The treasure is weighed in the temple. The commission is delivered.

Ezra chapter 9, Ezra mourns for the affinity of the people with strangers. He prays unto God, with confession of sins.

Ezra chapter 10, Ezra encouraged to reform the strange marriages. Ezra assembles the people. The people repent, and promise amendment. The care to perform it. The names of them which had married strange wives..

Insights and Prayers

  • Fasting takes your prayers to a higher level. When you give up food, it demonstrates to God that you are absolutely sincere.
  • Fasting shows how desperate you are for God to intervene in your crisis.
  • Lord, I will fast to get answers to my prayer. So when I fast, show me how to pray and move me to a place where I can get “through” to You. Lord, my fasting demonstrates that my spiritual needs are greater than my physical needs. Amen.
  • Ezra kept a record to make every person accountable to the money they were carrying. Then when Ezra arrived in Jerusalem, he checked their valuables against the record. Good records keep employees honest.
  • Lord, I will keep records on myself to make sure I’m honest with You and myself; then others will trust me. Amen.
  • Sometimes we should confess the sins of our state and nation.
  • O God, forgive me my sin, and forgive the sins of my nation.
  • We have done wickedness in Your sight. We have sinned against You. Amen.
  • Ezra acknowledged the mercy of God when he prayed, “You have punished us less than our sins have deserved” (Ezra 9:13).
  • Lord, I deserve hell because of my sin, but You have given me heaven.
  • I deserve punishment, but in grace You have been kind to me.
  • Thank You for Your grace and forgiveness. Truly, You are a merciful God. Amen.
  • Sin and sinners would seek to influence us to sin. Sometimes sin-like the lust of the flesh-becomes a part of us. Then it’s hard to get rid of what will destroy us.
  • Lord, I will separate myself from the lust of the flesh so I can walk with You in purity. Amen.
  • Most of the people were willing for others to live with sin. They didn’t make any effort to separate themselves from sin until one intercessor fasted, prayed, and was willing to stand against sin.
  • Am I willing to be the one intercessor who will pray for revival among God’s people? Lord, I will be that person. I will pray, fast, and seek Your face until revival comes.
  • I will make a difference in my church. Amen.
  • When the people were willing to do something about their pagan wives, then something happened. As one person, no one may listen to you; but you can pray for God to change the opinion of the majority. Then the exiles “did what the majority suggested” (Ezra 10:12).
  • Lord, I may pray alone, but I will pray. No one may listen to me at first, but I will pray.
  • I will not quit praying until the majority does what is right. Amen.


  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible