2 Chronicles 30-32


2 Chronicles chapter 30, Hezekiah proclaims a solemn passover on the second month for Judah and Israel. The assembly, having destroyed the altars of idolatry, keep the feast fourteen days. The priests and Levites bless the people.

2 Chronicles chapter 31, The people are forward in destroying idolatry. Hezekiah orders the courses of the priests and Levites, and provides for their work and maintenance. The people’s forwardness in offerings and tithes. Hezekiah appoints officers to dispose of the tithes. The sincerity of Hezekiah.

2 Chronicles chapter 32, Sennacherib invading Judah, Hezekiah fortifies himself, and encourages his people. Against the blasphemies of Sennacherib, Hezekiah and Isaiah pray. An angel destroys the host of the Assyrians. Hezekiah praying in his sickness, God gives him a sign of recovery. He waxing proud, is humbled by God. His wealth and works. His error in the ambassage of Babylon. He dying, Manasseh succeeds him.

Insights and Prayers

  • Lord, when I forget Your commands, pardon me. Lord, when I break Your law because I am untaught and ignorant, pardon me. Be merciful to me for I know I am not perfect. I will go to church on a regular basis, and I will join my sisters and brothers in worshiping You. Amen.
  • Lord, I will bring my tithes and offerings to my church to take care of its needs, and the needs of Your workers. I will do it because of my obligation. I recognise I can’t be spiritual without fulfilling my obligations. Thank You for the privilege of giving to You and Your work. Amen.
  • I commit myself wholly to my heavenly Father. I am submitted to Him and shall serve Him all the days of my life.
  • He is gracious and compassionate towards me. His love for me is incessant.
  • His commitment to me is everlasting.
  • Though I have sinned horribly in His sight, my Father has forgiven me. I sought Him with all of my heart and He heard my cry for mercy. Though I was unclean, He pardoned me. Though I was undeserving, He placed His loving hands upon me and healed me.
  • God’s ear is opened to all of my prayers. They reach His very throne in heaven and He answers every one.
  • Because I freely give my offerings in the Church, I have enough to eat and plenty to spare.
  • The Lord has blessed me with a tremendous blessing and has granted me an excessive bounty.
  • I choose to do what is good, right, and faithful before the Lord. In everything that I do, in my service to the church and obedience to God’s ways, I work whole-heartedly, seeking the advancement of His kingdom. And so, I prosper.
  • I am strong and very courageous. I am not afraid of the vast army arrayed against me. I know the One in whom I have believed. The greater One is within me and nothing shall by any means harm me.
  • God’s power is vastly more superior, more intense, more extreme and stronger than anything the enemy can muster. And His power has taken up residence within me. The very Lord of Hosts dwells within my spirit!
  • The enemy has been stripped of his power. His weapons are useless against me. Therefore, I refuse to be afraid!
  • I completely reject and regard as worthless the evil report of the enemy. I refuse to give ear to the bragging reports of victories in his campaigns. I refuse to allow what I see to guide my faith. I do not look to what is seen, but to what is unseen.
  • Regardless of the testimony of the circumstances, I have the victory!
  • My strength and victory comes from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He hears my every prayer and sends His angel before me to annihilate the enemy.
  • Those who rise against me shall flee from me in disgrace.
  • In Christ, I have been granted a position of high honour and have been given great riches. As I draw upon His provision, my dwellings are well supplied. It is God’s will that my home be arrayed in the finest that heaven has to offer.
  • I am a builder in life and I continually increase. Everything that I set my hand to do prospers.


  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible