2 Kings 7-9




2 Kings chapter 7, Elisha prophesies incredible plenty in Samaria. Four lepers, venturing on the host of the Syrians, bring tidings of their flight. The king, finding by spies the news to be true, spoils the tents of the Syrians. The lord who would not believe the prophecy of plenty, having the charge of the gate, is trodden to death in the press.

2 Kings chapter 8, The Shunammite, having left her country seven years, to avoid the forewarned famine, for Elisha’s miracle’s sake has her land restored by the king. Hazael, being sent with a present by Ben-hadad to Elisha at Damascus, after he had heard the prophecy, kills his master, and succeeds him. Jehoram’s wicked reign in Judah. Edom and Libnah revolt. Ahaziah succeeds Jehoram. Ahaziah’s wicked reign. He visits Joram, being wounded, at Jezreel.

2 Kings chapter 9, Elisha sends a young prophet with instructions to anoint Jehu at Ramoth-gilead. The prophet having done his message, flees. Jehu, being made king by the soldiers, kills Joram in the field of Naboth. Ahaziah is slain at Gur, and buried at Jerusalem. Proud Jezebel is thrown down out of a window, and eaten by dogs.


Insights and Prayers


  • Lord, I don’t want money, but I wrongly want the joy that money gives.
  • Give me Your joy, even if I live in poverty on this earth.
  • Teach me satisfaction that comes from Your presence. Amen.
  • Lord, I know You use evil men to punish Your rebellious children.
  • Don’t punish me Lord. I repent of my rebellion. I look to You for grace. Amen.
  • Lord, Your prophecies always come true.
  • Forgive me when I don’t believe Your predictions.
  • I will take comfort in Your sovereignty, that You rule in the affairs of men. Amen.




  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible