1 Kings 17-19


1 Kings chapter 17, Elijah, having prophesied against Ahab, is sent to Cherith where the ravens feed him. He is sent to the widow of Zarephath. He raises the widow’s son. The woman believes him.

1 Kings chapter 18, In the extremity of famine Elijah, sent to Ahab, meets good Obadiah. Obadiah brings Ahab to Elijah. Elijah, reproving Ahab, by fire from heaven convinces Baal’s prophets. Elijah, by prayer obtaining rain, follows Ahab to Jezreel.

1 Kings chapter 19, Elijah, threatened by Jezebel, flees to Beer-sheba. In the wilderness, being weary of his life, he is comforted by an angel. At Horeb God appears unto him, sending him to anoint Hazael, Jehu, and Elisha. Elisha, taking leave of his friends, follows Elijah.

Insights and Prayers

  • Lord, help me look only to You when I pray, and not keep my eye on surrounding circumstances.
  • I will pray according to Your Word, not according to pressures around me.
  • I will not look to the stock market, nor to jobs to provide for my needs.
  • I look to You. Yet, I’ll not be lazy and refuse to work.
  • Teach me faith’s balance-to trust You to supply my needs as I work daily at the jobs You give me. Amen.
  • Lord, I know there is nothing in false religion, and prayers to false gods are not answered.
  • You, Lord, are the only God. I will stand for You, no matter what other believers do.
  • Even if no one stands with me, I will stand alone. Amen.
  • Lord, help me realise I need food and rest to be physically strong so I can remain spiritually strong.
  • I will look after the needs of my body. Keep me from discouragement and despondency.
  • Help me look at everything in life through Your eyes, not through my eyes. Keep me from doubt and fear.
  • I confess my sin of feeling sorry for myself.
  • I look at my problem rather than looking to You and searching for Your solutions to my predicament.
  • I will listen for Your whisper.
  • Come to me in the darkness of my lonely night and speak to me in quietness.
  • Lord, when I’m seeking answers from You, speak. Amen.


  • Bible Summary – Adapted from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey
  • Insights and Prayers – Adapted from The Prayer Bible