Today’s bible reading: John 19, 20 and 21

It’s an important question to ask. Since Christ is now your Master, and you want to obey Him, you must know what He wants you to do.

When it’s a matter of conduct

The Bible doesn’t cover every detail of modern day living. Matters of everyday activity now were unknown when the Bible was written. But one thing you can be sure of: the Bible contains principles, which cover every situation. I’ll mention some, which you will find helpful. Look for others and make a note of them.

This does not refer to acts of sin, of course. But in matters about, which the Bible is silent, remember that God deals with people as individuals. Don’t expect everyone to be the same. We are all different. Some things, which you find acceptable, might cause another Christian to fall.

You are now Jesus’ representative in the world. You should do nothing to bring shame or reproach upon your Lord or His cause. There are many principles, of course, but the most important is to be guided by love for Jesus.

Above all else, ask yourself, “Will this be pleasing to the Lord?” If you make that the ruling question in your decision, it’s difficult to go wrong. When you must decide which way to go. I’m talking about life decisions now, not matters of conduct. There will be times when you just do not know which course of action to follow.

How can you decide?

Be Patient

Learn to wait on God until He indicates His will to you. Time has a way of working things out. Don’t be rash. Don’t make a move until the path is clear.

Seek the advice of others

Don’t make your decision alone. Let your Pastor or some other mature Christian be your confidant. Be sure it is someone who will keep your confidence. Someone who is not involved in the situation can see the various angles more clearly than you can.

Commit the matter to the Lord

A famous Christian used this method – he would list the reasons for and against a certain course of action and prayerfully consider the matter for a time. Then he would decide to move in a certain direction. He would remove from his mind as much of his own desires as possible, then ask the Lord to block his path if it were not God’s will. Over a period of fifty years he found this approach successful, judging by the way matters turned out.

Getting along with others

This is not usually discussed as a matter of the will of God, but it is one of the most important aspects of Christian living. If you haven’t learned this yet, you will soon discover that Christians are not perfect. As in your case, God is trying to develop their characters, to make them like Jesus.

Some people you will like instinctively, others will not be particularly attractive to you. Just remember this – there are traits in you also, which may not be especially attractive to some.

The most important gift you can ask from God is the gift of love – for God and for others. Love includes all the other traits God wants to develop in you. Love will keep you walking close to the Lord.

Love for others will make you considerate of them. Love will make you want to win others to the Lord. God can even give you a love for the unlovable.


Bible Study for today

John 19: 7, 8

Why was Pilate afraid?

What phrases, repeated in John 19: 24, 28 and 36, shows that Jesus‟ death was planned


John 20: 7

What item did Peter notice particularly in the tomb?

John 20: 31

Why was the Gospel of John written?

John 21: 15

How did Jesus answer Peter’s curiosity?

Verses to memorize:

John 20: 21; 20: 31